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The World Is Your Oyster....

I’ve noticed I have been falling into a bit of a themed pattern as far as my jewelry making goes…last time it was the month of Moldavite, as you read, and this month it seems to be all about Pearls. It’s funny, too; June is approaching fast and that is June’s birthstone, or at least one of them.

Pearls have always attracted me. I remember this beautiful pearl necklace my Grandmother (the psychic one!) gave to me when I was 16. Around that time, I had such a fascination with the ocean, I was sure I would become a marine biologist someday.

Well…I never became a marine biologist- I am a jewelry artist, but I still find myself enchanted by pearls. I think they are aesthetically beautiful, but additionally, their story also holds such beauty. It is from a clam’s imperfection that they are born. A clam, or a mollusk of any sort, may find themselves overtaken with a sediment that encroaches their safe shell layer and endangers their gelatinous body. Gradually, this “imperfection” grows to eventually become a beautiful pearl. If that isn't God's analogy I don't know what is- the idea of us being able to turn our problems, our unwelcome life troubles, into something amazing and resilient. Our burdens become our accomplishments. We wear them proudly.

Featured this month is a collection of wonderful freshwater pearls hanging on a royal purple rope I have used in other pieces. It’s just a great find and I love using it in different ways. Also mixed with the pearls are genuine black Swarovski crystals. It hangs about 17 inches ($75 for necklace).

Also featured this month are a pair of earrings I happen to only have one more left of- one of my clients snatched up the matching bracelet and other pair before I could even advertise them! (I think that’s what I would classify as a good problem!) ($25 for pair).

Anywho, these pearls are called Biwa Pearls and come from a lake in Japan, first carefully cultured in the 30’s. Unlike the “perfect” examples I spoke of in the first piece, these pearls are irregularly shaped and come in very unique color combinations. The Biwa pearls are becoming a bit rarer since Lake Biwa has become extremely polluted and are too much for the mussel to withstand. As I have read, legally, the United States can only obtain Biwa pearls if they are from the Biwa lake in Japan. China, since then, has overtaken the majority of the pearl industry.

Biwa pearls help encourage one to connect with their higher self. They also help to purify the chakras.

Speaking of clearing the chakras, I recently became certified in Reiki I, II, and Animal Reiki. I now implement what I learned into the energy behind the jewels I create. I am excited to be able to send positivity to each person who wears my pieces. It’s another element of healing infused with the stones I use.

Till next time. :)

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