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Be Well Bracelets

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

A few years ago, I developed a new line of bracelets that celebrate life and embrace its challenges- I call them “Be Well Bracelets”- since then I have improved upon my original design: each bracelet has a one word mantra spelled with polished, stainless steel letters, a charm that symbolizes that particular word, lava beads that can retain essential oils, and healing stones designated for the theme of the bracelet.  (One example spells “Success” and a “key” charm dangles from it- buy it for that person in your life who is chasing a dream- she knows the “key to success”...This is made with the gorgeous blue Kyanite stone.) Attached I have eight other samples- which one resonates with YOU??  Lil’ by Lil’” I start my healing process while I “Accept” my unique burdens…Through my life lessons I find the “key” to my “Success.”  I have to learn how to “stop” and “Breathe” while staying “Focus”-ed on my goals- professionally and emotionally. I have a core belief that I can "Manifest" my dreams...  “Balance” is so important for me to manage my emotions.  The end result?  Invaluable, priceless- “Growth”, which is always a process but there’s always more “Progress" to be made... $60- these are on my website, or you can message me and I’ll send you one personally, or bring one to you.  They make a perfect, meaningful, holiday gift.   Click on the link to order or find out more about:   Be Well Bracelets Depending on the day, or situation, these bracelets inspire me to keep moving forward and embrace a positive attitude.  Which bracelet speaks to you??

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