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Friends, family, and clients alike,

Greetings from The Jewelry Psychic.  August has been an exciting time.  "The Jewelry Psychic" was featured in The Southport and Leland magazines for this month.  Special thanks to Carla Edstrom, who has made it her mission to recognize artists in the area and help them succeed.

There were a few typos- if you read the article, my father is very much alive and well, I was referring to my Grandfather when I was interviewed about how he inspires me.  I just thought I'd mention it if you were worried for me!

I've been spending a lot of time in the metal shop in my parent's garage.  I'm really trying to cultivate my art- I always have ideas, but as of late I'm trying to really work on making my pieces truly polished (so to speak!) and well done.  I'm working on "piercing" and creating designs with my jeweler's saw, though, my favorite part of working with metal has been soldering silver in various projects...I loooooveeee soldering!  I'm getting better at controlling how it flows.  

I hope I find you well during this insane time for our country, whatever your political views may be!  

If you'd like to read the article, here's the link!

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