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Have an idea or want to collaborate with me to create the PERFECT gift??  The Jewelry Psychic  was born out ofcreating original designs for original folks.  

Examples of Past Commissions....

This piece was entirely custom made and I am so happy it went to a dear friend of mine.  It was a very detailed project.  The only thing I didn't do was shape the stones, which are Moldavite (green) and Amethyst.  I have written more on Moldavite in my Blog section if you are so inclined....

 "STEPH!!!! I love it!!! It's amazing!!! I showed my family and the are amazed by how impressive of a job you did!!! And thank you for the letter it's been such a great experience getting to work with you, I love the tint, I love the Zebra stone and the fact you made it a triangle . I love everything about it!!!"



A client had a tiger eye earring, hardly worn and never loved.  I displaced the tiger eye from the earring, created a bezel for it and soldered it onto silver wire.  Now she loves the piece and the stone has a new home.  Rags to riches!

Sometimes my customers are very specific with what they want made.  In this design, my client wanted earrings with a brown feather, gold findings, and the color green.  I made exactly that!

Below you can view a project I worked on for a very special woman retiring from a non-profit that made a huge difference in children's lives.  "Beyond" is what she embodied, going above and beyond her duty to society. 

This is my first "wrap around bracelet".  I was asked to make one for the first time for a client's daughter-in-law
 and I discovered the joy in making them!  Very meditative and therapeutic!


To the left you can see a custom made ring with the stone "Sodalite".  I created this for my aunt, who has a Sodalite necklace and earrings.  The ring completed her collection!  

Below you can see a stone that I wire wrapped so my customer could always travel with her treasured rock. 

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