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Silverware is disguised art...

Friends,  family, clients alike,

I would like to announce that the Jewelry Psychic has found another location in downtown Southport- 114 S. Howe Street, in the Artisan Gallery and will have its grand opening June 17th.  So proud to be a part of a guild with so many talented people!  

Yay!  I have pictures of some new and old stuff attached…and if you are so inclined, I wrote a little bit about my spiritual experiences with utensils….  hehe.

I had a pretty damn good childhood.  My parents always made sure I was busy and happy, and as a result I went to a lot of interesting summer camps for kids my age.    I was constantly making art, exploring trails by foot or horse, learning Pennsylvanian history, beating the boys at basketball camps...One of the “coolest" camps I took taught my little friends and I about the culture of Native Americans.  This experience really cemented my respect for their traditions.  

I think one of the biggest lessons I adopted into my own life was their respect for every entity and their reverence for animals.  (I began to think twice about killing the ant that had made its way on to my toe!)  Our instructor showed us how the Native Americans used every single part of the deer- the meat for sustenance, the bones for tools, their hide to keep warm. 

The past few months I have had the opportunity to really explore my art- I really could spending days making jewelry if I didn’t have to eat or sleep.  Anywho- I came into a fair collection of silverware and began making whale tails and mermaid tails out of the spoons…then I started using the scraps from that work into making rings,  and before I knew it, I used those scraps for different earrings.  I didn’t have the heart to throw the scraps out or melt them down because they already had so much character.  I felt they must have some kind of purpose…and now I’ve moved on to keychains and have even made spoon “bezels” that I capture butterfly wings and turtle shells with.  When I took my first metalsmithing course, I brought a muffin plate I had found at a thrift store and between my professor and I, we tore it apart and I made a goddess collar.  (see attached). I never rid of the scraps and am creating a new pendant out of the leftover copper.  I am using every part of my silverware, much like the Native Americans really didn’t deem anything as waste...

I guess my point is, nothing is a waste.  And everything in front of you is the universe’s beckoning you to express yourself…like silverware, even the most unsuspecting of things are actually disguised art, and, that we all have purpose.  Even the remanents of a fork can be born again… (see Mr. Snazzy Squid attached).  

For those of you who read this- I thank you.  Chris always teases me (lovingly) how you would never really know by my emails I was selling jewelry…I like selling jewelry but I’m a fan of writing too.  And thanks for hanging in there with me during my strange, nostalgic introduction.  I’ve attached photos of the jewelry I spoke of.  

Much love, as always, 

Your Neighborhood Jewelry Psychic,


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