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Reader beware...a spooky entry... :p

Happy Halloween my friends, family, and clients alike,

This is my favorite holiday for oh so many reasons...probably my top fav reason is going wild decorating for Halloween. Featured today is a group of spiders who desperately need a home to celebrate the best holiday of the year. Please do not step on them or kill them with a tissue or send them down the toilet...

Spiders symbolize wisdom and opportunity. They challenge you to live beyond the "mundane world" and be "inspired by Nature." When

meditating on or thinking about spiders, you may be more apt to express yourself creatively. They also invite you to welcome change in your life. (Paraphrased from Animal Spirit Guides by: Dr. Steven Farmer)

These spiders are made with Tiger Eye, which I love to use for grounding, Quartz (the Master crystal), Rose Quartz (LOVE), and Charoite (healing and increased synchronicities) and Amethyst (lessening addiction and increased intuitive abilities)...

These beauties will be for sale at "The Art in the Park" event at the Woodlands in St. James October 12th. They will also be featured at the Crystal Web a bit closer to Halloween. They are 16 dollars a piece. If you'd like one on a chain, I can do that for you for an additional five dollars.

Hope to see you all soon!

Thanks for reading! Until next time,

Stephanie, The Jewelry Psychic

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