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No Fear of Depths...

Hello my friends, family, clients alike,

You haven't heard from me in a while! I have missed this blog and have missed you! Let me start by saying, Happy New Year! For me, 2019 is off to an amazing start. Chris and I are newly engaged and very happy. On Sunday we will be picking up our newest member of the family, an adorable poodle puppy. I love my life here down south...

One of my resolutions, or, rather intentions, is growing my business. Right after the kick start of the new year I approached a local shop owner with a new design, and she agreed to sell my product. For the yocal locals, my jewelry will be featured at "The Painted Mermaid", in Southport on Howe Street. There I will be selling Nautical Silverware Jewelry. I started off with Mermaid Tails (see pictures) and have since expanded to create Octopi with very flamboyant personalities, all made by heating, twisting, and texturing old forks. I will never look at silverware the same way....(really! I am distracted at restaurants!)

A good friend of mine moved quite a distance from me just recently, but our time together will always be close to my heart. She used to have a Mermaid painting in her porch with the words, "No Fear of Depths and a Great Fear of Shallow Living." The quote reminds me of Lady Gaga's new song where she talks about living in those depths. I think quite a bit of my life I have resided in the depths and it has brought me hard lessons but with precious insight and hindsight, too. I will admit, though, it is nice to wade in the shallow end of the pool from time to time to take a break from thinking so much! I have found this kind of solace in creating allows a playful part of me to emerge. Working with my hands, and my heart, I can enjoy the present. Sometimes jewelry making gets "technical" but over all I find it meditative, therapeutic, and freeing. When I get in my head, I use my hands and the contact awakens my senses.

I digress. I wish you a life full of different depths! Enjoy the power of the depths, but come splash with me in the shallow end every now and then...

Please enjoy the photographs and come stop by my newest store. The prices range according to size, metal, chain, time spent, etc. Basic designs will be posted on my website soon enough!

With Love,

Your Neighborhood Jewelry Psychic

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