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Let's Play Some Foostie...

Dear my wonderful friends, family, clients alike,

I hope to find you not only safe and healthy but fantastic. The secret to happiness is that you CAN have it!!

"tJP" is off with a bang this summer....May was full of terribly fun craft shows. I met some amazing people, and I welcome you if you are new to this monthly email blog.

Soooooo, how can we celebrate the summer season?? By getting our foot on! Tis the season to walk the earth barefoot and carefree. Decorate those toes while you’re at it! When I had access to my metalshop, I made some toe rings…you can choose from a cheaper Nickel version for 5 dollars or a Silver toe ring for 10 dollars. You can choose anklets with meaningful dangling charms for a mere 10 dollars, or a chakra anklet for 20! Wait, there’s more! There are anklets with gem chips of all kinds for 12 dollars, but the coolest is an gem chip anklet thong! See pictures….15 for one, 25 for the pair depending on how you like to rock it.

Unlike my usual emails, I'm not going to make this email a "foot" long. Haha. I crack myself up. Anywho, these are all really awesome jewels to honor your feet, one of the most sensitive areas of the body, along with your hands. Adding crystals and meaningful jewelry to the mix honors their energy.

You can find a lot of my foot thongs at, where else, but "The Crystal Web." If you would like a certain stone email me and I can make it happen. Depending on where you are from, we can always "make it happen!"

Join the "Footnemona!"

Your friendly neighborhood Jewelry Psychic,

Stephanie Maria

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