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Introducing: The Butterfly Line

When you enter my home, the community of St. James, you see a sign suggesting that without change, a seed would remain in the ground. But because of change, trees grow, flowers blossom, and life progresses. I think one of the most definitive examples that represent the beauty of change is the butterfly. For a long time now, I have been in awe of the butterfly and I know I am not alone in this sentiment. The butterfly has humble beginnings as a caterpillar and somehow, by God's design, this biological masterpiece is able to fly. Not only does the butterfly capture this feat, but she does it with grown wings that are so technically detailed and exude such vibrant color. She is a work of art.

My new jewelry collection honors the butterfly moments in our life. I come across butterflies that have died naturally, and I save their wings in a little bezel capsule. It is a reminder of the beauty of change. It is a celebration of our patience, hard work, and tough times that eventually bring us success. Resilience. We come out of selves and take flight.

My Butterfly Line will "spread its wings" this first Wednesday of the month of June at the Farmer's Market. I have met a few of you there already. I will be at Franklin Square Park every first Wednesday of the new month. There are other jewels to discover there as well! I have a beautiful kyanite piece I have a feeling someone will "adopt" soon enough!

Attached are some photos of a few pieces I have available right now, two necklaces, a pendant alone, and a cuff bracelet. And if you are called to any of these pieces already, by all means, contact me!

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