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From trash to treasure

          When I was little, my Pop-Pop used to take me on walks and together we would look for "treasures."  We would find washers, rubber bands, and a penny here and there...this is when he was living in the city.  I think this is what set the stage for my current treasure hunting days- I always keep an eye out for treasures...I find turtle shells, feathers, cool stones, shells...

Pop-Pop saw value in everything and inspired me to do the same.  He was always constructing crafts with his findings...I think he would be proud of my own artistic endeavors now.

People donate a lot of jewelry to me...and a lot of times, I'll buy old jewelry when something stands out.  It is a HUGE pleasure to me to repurpose an otherwise unwanted item.  

              In the attached photos, I feel I've hit the motherload with tossed away treasures...The Cheetha was a pin I converted into a pendant crawling up your chest- I call it my empowering "Hear Me Roar" necklace.  The long necklace (what Chris likes to call the "golden spaceship necklace") featured next is made with three different old pieces of abandoned jewelry, and I added stones to give it flair and good energy- you'll see Unakite, Jasper, Fossils, and even Tiger Eye.  The gold pendant in the third piece spoke to me right away- I knew immediately that dark strands of amethyst would look fabulous.  It was a little bit of a challenge to make- but sometimes that makes it even more fun.  Yellow gold isn't super popular these days, but I predict a comeback!  

These items and much more will all be at my show next Saturday.  Come see them in person!

Much love,

Your neighborhood Jewelry Psychic,


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