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Formula Bracelets

June crept away from me! So, I am writing you now!

Anywho, what's the flavor of the month? A customer asked me to create a bracelet for her that could help her focus, fight fatigue, and lose weight. So, I went at it, and found stones that target these got me thinking, if I could collaborate stones to help her with these particular ailments, what else could we tackle? And, from this, came the "Formula" line. There are three kinds at the moment, with more to come.

The first bracelet featured has Citrine, Bloodstone, Red Jasper, Hematite, and Obsidian, which all help with FOCUS (as well as weight loss). The second includes Blue Lace Agate, Amethyst, and Turquoise, which all combine to help you through anxiety and rise above it. As I was making these, I could feel the stones working just by handling them. The third is what I call the "Self Love Bracelet". It combines Rhodocrisnite, Rose Quartz, and Hematite. These all work together to help you love yourself, appreciate yourself, and have compassion for yourself.

The thing I love about this line is that the stones I researched not only combine to help you improve or eliminate a behavior, but they look fabulous aesthetically as well. Meant to be! If you are interested in any of these bracelets you can find them at The Crystal Web (I'm dropping them off tomorrow) or personally request one. You know where to find me! If you would like a custom one to target your own behavior, I can work with you to create the perfect, FORMULA!

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