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Doggie Bling....Introducing: "The Poochie Pendant"

So, I have a very confident dog...he literally prances when he walks...he has no shortage of self esteem- which I could learn from! So, it is only natural that when I clip my new design on his collar, he knows he looks goooooodddd. We love to adorn ourselves with beautiful jewelry and we love crystals that make us feel amazing. I don't think there is any difference for our furry companions.

Introducing...."Poochie Pendants." These clips go right on your pup's collar. It is also interchangeable as a keychain for your keys. I have personally stamped the metal heart with a dog paw, and on the other side I have inscribed the symbols for "peace, love, and happiness"- because that is what our dogs give us, and what we want to give back to them!

There are many main beads to choose from. A client just ordered rose quartz for her female dog- but you don't have to match genders! My Poochie Pendant also comes in clear quartz, amethyst, as well as Lava Beads that retain essential oils. You can add the oil your dog prefers and it can work all day to keep them feel calm, safe, and loved.

The Poochie Pendants are only $10. Less than a squeakie toy! hehe.

Attached are photographs of different samples. Also included is a video of Bert (my little munchkin) reacting to a Lemurian Quartz Crystal- he, like his mama, loves the energies these crystals exude. I have given him a Clear Quartz poochie pendant because that is what he is personally attracted to.

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