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A "Practical" Gift

The Jewelry Psychic is all about meaningful, spiritual jewelry- but today's email you will find my jewelry to be...PRACTICAL!

Introducing....TJP's Golf Counter bracelets! For the avid golfer in your life, I have created a bracelet that allows her to keep track of her style. I was working at the Gallery one day when a lady approached me with the request that I begin making them. After some research, I developed my own version, each with a myriad of colors and interesting beads. There are glamorous ones for the girly girl in your life, or simple ones for the quiet friend...they make excellent stocking stuffers. They are made small with elastic band so that the beads can stay in place after you move each one to keep track of every stroke (also known as an Abacus bracelet). There's a total of nine beads, my friend said she hoped it would never get to be that many on the course! haha. Price for each bracelet: $15 The bracelets featured here are available for purchase, or you can request a specific color, etc.

Much love, your friendly neighborhood Jewelry Psychic,


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