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Welcome to the world of "Be Well Bracelets".  Each bracelet has a meaningful word spelled out through Rhodium plated letters that are quite polished and beautiful. There is a hanging charm that embodies the message of the word.  The gems chosen for each bracelet compliment the meaning as well.  Finally, there are two beads on either side of the charm that are called "Lava Beads" which essentially are made of pumice that can retain your favorite essential oil or CBD oil longer than if you had just used it on your skin.  Find the bracelet that speaks to you or a friend or loved one- or collect them all for every occassion!  All are priced at an affordable 60 dollars.

This bracelet is called "Progress" and is symbolized with a ladder- I love that saying "Progress, not perfection" but I truly believe, that, in a way Progress IS Perfection...

When we have a self awareness that allows us to strengthen our character- this is Progress- we are moving up and down the ladder of life with every decision we make and action we take.  

This bracelet is made with Carnelian, Fire Agate, Hematite, and a black lava bead for your favorite oil.  


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