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So, I have a very confident dog...he literally prances when he walks...he has no shortage of self esteem- which I could learn from!  So, it is only natural that when I clip my new design on his collar, he knows he looks goooooodddd.  We love to adorn ourselves with beautiful jewelry and we love crystals that make us feel amazing.  I don't think there is any difference for our furry companions.  
Introducing...."Poochie Pendants."  These clips go right on your pup's collar. It is also interchangeable as a keychain for your keys.  I have personally stamped the metal heart with a dog paw, and on the other side I have inscribed the symbols for "peace, love, and happiness"- because that is what our dogs give us, and what we want to give back to them!  

This particular Poochie Pendant is made with "Rose Quartz", a very loving stone that emits love and reacts with love.  It's like giving your pet a hug when you can't do it in person.  

Poochie Pendants: in Rose Quartz

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