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Moldavite is one of my favorite crystals.  It comes from an asteriod that hit the earth millions of years ago.  It's a gorgeous dark green, we have established it is beautiful, but its main characteristic, as you will see when you interact with it, is its ability to promote growth, change, transformation.  Featured in one of the photographs is a picture of a tiger eye bracelet, I highly recommend wearing or holding tiger eye when you expose yourself to Moldavite, as it grounds you during the quick changes Moldavite will bring you.  This is not a beginner stone- if you are just getting into crystals I would recommend beginning with a different stone.  If you want to experience rapid growth and movement, this is for you, but please respect its abilities.  

There's more information in my first blog post about Moldavite in general.  This bracelet is made out of silver and fits an average size wrist.  I specifically cut into the middle of the metal so that the crystal is closer to your skin (see picture), therefore impacting you more.  

Moldavite "Growth" Bracelet

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