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Like all the lava products in this collection, the lava rock beads act as a perfect capsule for your essential oils.  The lava rocks, which are actually pumice, retain the oil's fragrance longer than if you had just rolled the oil on your skin.  (i've tested it myself!)


Sure, you have seen this bracelet before, but the special thing about my bracelet is that I use real gemstones.  Coupled with the oils, or not, the crystals also bring a form of healing to the table.  The stones are also interspersed with a silver plated accent bead that truly makes a beautiful accent.  


The stones and their properties in this bracelet:


The colors of the gemstones represent the chakras, but here are the properties of the actual stones themselves:  


Amethyst (sobriety stone):  Helps with strengthening intuition and psychic powers- also helps to curb cravings in addictions!


Dumortierite (dark blue):  helps with third eye chakra, good for meditation, enhances mental abilities 


Howlite: (Turquoise colored) Howlite is the perfect stone to diminish stress in your life, truly making room for more creative endeavors.


Green aventurine: a very positive stone, encourages optimism!  


Yellow Jade: Physically, this helps with digestion.  Emotionally, it aids to experience joy and relaxation.   


Orange Dyed Quartz: Quartz is a classic stone, not only used metaphysically, but in many timepieces, tools, etc. With Quartz, you can feel an overall healing experience as well as using its capabilities to "program" memories as well as intentions.


Garnet (red): helps one connect with angels and inner guides, helps with recovering from guilt and shame

copy of Chakra Lava Bracelet

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