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I have always had a fascination with dinosaurs, and I can say without a doubt it has stemmed from the movie "Jurassic Park".  My favorite line is when the tough guy Australian meets head to head with a Raptor, and not able to outsmart the predator, he admits, "Clever girl."  Hence, the name for this necklace.

The really cool part about this necklace is not only the statement skeleton, but the beads that are strung with it.  These beads are known as "Gembones", they are literally dinosaur bones that have been "agatized" over time and cut into beads.  The combination of the skeleton with ACTUAL DINO BONE (found in Utah) makes for quite the conversation piece.  

(Please give me approximately two weeks to get this one of a kind piece to you!)

"Clever Girl" Necklace

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