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These earrings were especially fun to make.  I like making long, different earrings...I paired these beautiful freshwater pearls with hematite.  


These pearls are called Biwa Pearls and come from a lake in Japan, first carefully cultured in the 30’s.  They are irregularly shaped and come in very unique color combinations. The Biwa pearls are becoming a bit rarer since Lake Biwa has become extremely polluted and are too much for the mussel to withstand.  As I have read, legally, the United States can only obtain Biwa pearls if they are from the Biwa lake in Japan.  China, since then, has overtaken the majority of the pearl industry.

Biwa pearls help encourage one to connect with their higher self.  They also help to purify the chakras.  Only have one left of these...

Biwa Pearl Dangle Earrings

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