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The cool thing about these earrings is that they are in very close proximity to your nose- therefore when you apply your oils to the lava rocks, you can really take advantage of the effects throughout the entire day.  


The dark blue stone in these earrings represent the 6th Chakra, where you deepen a connection with your "thinking mind and feeling heart."  This is the chakra that allows the third eye to open.  When balanced, this chakra helps to manifest your dreams and goals.  


I chose to use the stone Dumortierite, which also helps third eye and is good for meditation.  


Get one to match a chakra bracelet, or buy all 7 for each of the chakras, and base what you daily wear on the chakra you need to work on!  The lava rock bracelet and earrings make a fantastic gift!

6th Chakra (Third Eye) Lava Rock Earrings

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