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Introducing...the Confidence Line

Dear Friends and Family, and clients alike...

I graduated college hoping to pursue my Masters in Social Work. I wanted to help people, and I essentially wanted to do my Save The World! Life had other plans, and eventually I found myself falling deeply in love with my creative work, and threw myself into creating beautiful meaningful jewelry. It is therapeutic, energizing, and FUN work and because of all of you, I have been able to make a living from it.

Occasionally, there are doubts. Is my jewelry "good enough?" Am I good enough?

People will be there to catch you during these times, or let you fall. Recently, someone criticized my work, and I took it completely to heart. Instead of letting it ruin me, like I may have done in the past, I decided to rise above the remark. I pushed myself to implement new ideas and new techniques. I reached...DEEPER. But most importantly, there's been a change- I have begun to ask new questions now. Can this piece of jewelry help someone? How can I do what I love while giving back? I have found a different route to helping people in which you don't necessarily need a degree to do.

And that's when The Confidence Line was born. This bracelet that helps center you during tough times or celebrate you during the positive times. Made from copper, I have learned how to use metal stamps to capture a meaningful idea through a quick phrase you can look at when you need to. Featured are four examples...I am wearing one that says, "You are worthy" to fight those times of doubt. A friend commissioned me to do one for her son, who has a very special relationship with his Higher Power, this says "My Light and Salvation". There are two more examples featured in the photographs, "Let it be" and "It is what it is...."

Unlike some of my pieces, this bracelet is made completely from scratch. It is sturdy while a little malleable so you can form it to your wrist. On one side of the message there is a permanent closure, on the other side, you can move it out from the hole to clasp it on. If you have been wanting a tattoo with certain words, maybe this is a baby step for you to see if it's really what you want! The bracelets are rustic looking, I have used what is known as a Patina to create a rustic effect.

Please enjoy the photographs. The bracelets are $25. Other examples of sayings include, "Meant to be", "You are my sunshine", "Progress not perfection", "Keep it simple", "Growth", etc. I need approximately two weeks in advance if you have a friend's birthday, etc. coming up.

(Since writing this email, I have other bracelets a bit more affordable with stretchy cord that really fits any wrist, so you don't have to worry about the "perfect fit"... These are 15.)

Please have a wonderful day. You deserve it.


Stephanie Maria

The Jewelry Psychic

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