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I'm feeling LUCKY.

Updated: Mar 11, 2018

Well, well, well...cheers to a new chapter in The Jewelry Psychic's journey! After three years of hard work, dedication, but mostly just plain FUN, here we are....welcome to my new website, where you can shop for ready made, intuitive designs, collaborate with me to create a commission, or read my thoughts (and I have a lot of them!)

I am LUCKY for so many reasons and feel so PUMPED to take my business to the next level. I encourage you to follow your dreams- they can really materialize- the clichés are true!

In my first post, I would like to honor the stone that has been a constant inspiration to me over the past ten years. I am an avid crystal collector and truly enjoy a variety of minerals, but I do favor this particular gem probably more than any other stone. The name? MOLDAVITE.

Moldavite is not from this earth. 15 million years ago, a meteorite crashed in the area of what is now known as Czech Republic and gifted us with its beautiful energy. It is a gorgeous, unique green and looks even more spectacular when you allow the light to shine through it.

Moldavite has a high energy frequency. Often when people are around it or touch it, they can feel its vibrations more than any other stone they might be exposed to.

A friend and colleague of mine gave me a wonderful Moldavite pendant. Since I have received it and wore it, I have experienced a transformation of self and a strengthening present emotionally, mentally, spiritually, even financially. It promotes growth, actually, very rapid growth- and, as I first began my moldavite collection and worked with it to create jewelry, I found that I needed to sometimes “take breaks” from its intensity.

I found Moldavite as the perfect topic for this St. Patrick’s post- I feel LUCKY to have it in my life as a teacher, not to mention the vibrant green hue naturally celebrates the holiday, and also sets the tone for the spring season to come, a spring season of PROSPERITY.

Featured below is a delicate fairy carrying a Moldavite stone on a necklace that also includes amethyst, as well as little labradorite, (a beautiful, effervescent stone). She flies with purpose, awakening you to spring’s coming. ($100.00)

Also included is another raw piece of Moldavite I made into a silver ring, the prongs provide a basket for the stone to sit in. This is a size 7. ($55.00)

I also created a bracelet with another sample of Moldavite, as you can see the stamped word “GROWTH” truly exemplifies its behavior. “Growth” is actually what I experienced creating it too, having stumbled upon some challenges when trying to perfect it. ($90.00)

Currently I am working on two Moldavite pendants for a couple of friends- you can commission one from me as well, but I can’t promise to have it immediately ready. It’s worth the wait, though! (finding high quality, substantial pieces of Moldavite is a difficult endeavor)

There are other ready made pieces you can buy from my online shop that I can get to you quickly.

Welcome to my site, welcome to The Jewelry Psychic, welcome to jewelry that celebrates and encourages a beautiful, meaningful way of life.

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Awesome Job Stephanie! All blessing of Infinite Love and Gratitude!


The Jewelry Psychic
The Jewelry Psychic
16 de mar. de 2018

Go Stephie! <3

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